Fans enjoy costume jewellery and beer

The North-Moravian centre was hit by roaring and colourful vawe of ice-hockey fans. The Ostravian hotels are full. The restaurants whir with huddle of languages.


The street is full of vociferous group of people in white-and-blue jerseys.  The Finns. They are followed by a bunch of thirty men dressed in blue-and-yellow jerseys. These are from Ukraine. Sweden are indetified by Viking´s helmet with quoins. Jaunty Russians. On the opposite pavement a group of youngsters from Denmark. “We travelled for 18 hours from Copenhagen by bus. But we don´t regret it. It is quite cheap here so we enjoy the city much. How? We did some sightseeing and mainly we drink a lot of beer,” they say.


There is a lot of Dannish fans in Ostrava. Over two thousands of them. There are Japan fans too. Of course, there is not so huge number of them there. “About ten to twenty-five,” guesses Japan journalist Kenji Demura. “They like the Czech Republic. They buy a lot of costume jewellery.” But the biggest group of fans have of course Slovakia, the neighbours of the Czechs. They are not staying in Ostrava, they commute. Some of them 400 km.  “We are from Kosice so we stay here by friends,” says the group of Slovakian university students. Most of them don´t have any tickets so they hope to buy some in the front of the hall. The price of the ticket is up to 4.500 CZK. But they can make an outstanding atmosphere during the game. “I don´t remember anything like that,” is surprised Finnish defenceman Sami Salo.


There is the Beer Arena opposite to the stadium. The beer costs 50 CZK. The foreigners are happy with the price till the time when they find out that twenty metres far it costs 20 CZK. The ´eden´ is for them Stodolní street. Hockey whoops became silent with morning.

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