2004 IIHF World Championship in numbers

A few thousands of people participates on the organization and the fluent run of the 2004 IIHF World Championship. Within journalists, rescue workers and other organizing workmen ensures the safety of the tournament also the Police. The exact number is not avaliable.


There are four hundreds of persons in the security gard of the Sazka Arena. About 560 take care about the gastronomy. The fans drink about 90 hectoliters of beer a day. Large premissions of the arena are cleaned by 120 persons twenty-four-seven and more than 60 tons of waste goes into 100 thousands of containers.


Altogether 517 ice-hockey players, masseurs or coaches came to Prague and Ostrava. There are about 1100 journalists informating the fans all over the world, almost a half of them are from tv staff.


In Prague´s Sazka Arena work 12 doctors and 12 more medics. The rescue combat of the city of Prague keeps alert. Every game, there are four sanitary facilities.

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