The cup is guarded properly

The champions cup, which is going to be held in the hands of a captain of the new world champions on May 9th at about 10.30 p.m., was brought from IIHF into the Czech Republic by Zbyněk Kusý (CIHA) on November 18th last year.


Four days after, the cup started its tour around the Czech ice-hockey stadiums. The first ones to see the cup were the fans of HC Pardubice during the game agains HC Slavia Prague of the 25th round of  Czech highest ice-hockey league. The cup is not guarded during the tour. As says Zbyněk Kusý: „Its safety is provided properly.“ The cup could be seen also on a few stadiums of the teams which are not a member of the highest league as are Prostějov, Třebíč or Jihlava.


The trophy, about 60 centimetres tall and  with 10,54 kilos of weight, was made from the mix of gold and silver Spanisman André Richard. The cup was seen on the 65. Ice Hockey World Championship in Hannover in Germany in the hands of René Fasel, the chairman of the IIHF. On the base of the trophy are engraved the names of the Czech players, Slovak players and Canadian players, last winners of the championship.


This original trophy will be in the host country at least till the end of the tournament. If the Czech players win, the trophy will be there till the autumn. About six months before the start of  another championship will the original trophy move to the next host country – Austria. CIHA already has one copy – from the 2001 IIHF World Championship.


„The Cup is now in the strong-box in CIHA and it is guarded properly,“ says Martin Urban. He couldn´t say more because of the safety. On the April 5th, the Cup was moved to EuroAgentur house and it will be there till the beginning of the championship,“ he continued. CIHA is allowed to show the cup to the hockey clubs, their business partners as well as to the fans. The club which wants to lend the cup must fulfil quite strict rules of the IIHF. „On the list of lending must be name of the person lending the cup, their full address, number of ID, the way of the cup with the data about the car, date and an hour of pass on. The person who is lending the cup must be known personaly by the man borrowing it. Of the movement of  the Cup must be informated at least three persons...“ These are just a few rules.

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