Do you want to have a look into the SAZKA Arena? So visit the centre of information...

The centre of information down the Wenceslas´ Square exists from the end of January. You can find it under the big blue board with “Informační centrum mistrovství světa v ledním hokeji“ legend on it.


The main lure - no doubt - is model of a skybox. The skybox is a room with such a luxury equipment inside it. You can see the ice-hockey game from there with all possible comfort and with a high-level refreshment. „There are 67 skyboxes in the Sazka Arena. Most of it are already sold. The whole-year rent is about three millions Czech krowns,“ says Mr. Jan Vala, the spokesman of the Bestssport company, which is the owner of this centre. Skybox is for about twelve people. It has its own bar and bathroom. You can put your laptop on as well as a fax machine. Your papers can be locked there too. Additionaly, there are two rows of seats in the auditorium area, which can be separated with glass walls. The owners of the skyboxes can enjoy the game from there. 


The centre is open Mon-Fri from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. „The centre of information is there mainly for all ice-hockey fans. You can buy the tickets for games, there are also maps and another information sheets about the Sazka Arena, the ČEZ Aréna in Ostrava and other important issues,“ explains Vala.


Among the visitors is higher number of foreigners. They are much more curious and mostly they are searching for  the way how to support their team during the 2004 IIHF World Championship. On the hostess´ table, there is a game schedule with the list of the packets of tickets left. „Do you want to visit the Sazka Arena or  the ČEZ Aréna,“ asks young lady politely. „These games left in the Sazka Arena,“ she shows a small sheet of paper with the list of the ticket packets left. Some tickets for the Austria- Canada or Switzerland-France are avaliable. „Be quick in your decision, it can be sold soon,“ notices the propagator. „The tickets for the Czech national team games are sold-out. Most of the people who buys the tickets for not so attractive games want to see brand new Sazka Arena,“ he thinks.


It is a big mistery what´s gonna happen in the centre of information after the championship. „We plan about 120 events per year in the Sazka Arena. We want to continue in this service on the Wenceslas´ Square. But it will not be about the ice-hockey anymore,“ plans Vala in a bit unsure way.


Contact: The centre of information

Address: Wenceslas´s Square 12, Prague 1

Phone No. (GSM): +420 605 250 570


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