Organizers are looking for more tickets, the beginning of the third round of sale falls behind

The interest of fans in the 2004 IIHF World Championship in Prague and Ostrava is so big that it complicates the organizers´ life. Surprisingly most of the attractive game tickets from the first and second round were almost sold. So the number of the tickets left is much lower than it was expected to be. At the moment, there are tickets to some games in preliminary rounds, qualifying rounds and in relegation games in sale via SAZKA, a.s., terminals.


In pursuit of fans satisfaction, the organizers are in the discussion with IIHF, Infront company and their business associates about the decrease of technical places. This decrease would help to heighten the number of the tickets.


Whereas the dealings are in proceed, the beginning of the third round of the ticket sale, that was planned to March 15, will be late for about one week. The exact date of the beginning of the third round of the ticket sale will be announced via website of Sazka company, via the official website of the 2004 IIHF World Championship and via medias on time.


In the third round, the Czech fans will be able to buy tickets for the Championship in the terminals of Sazka company, whose service will have at their command the breakdown of the accessible packets with its ordinal numbers, with indentification numbers and with introduction of the each game. The tickets will be in sale the same way they have been ´till today. It means that the tickets will be in sale in the packets – each packet contains tickets to two games played on the same day. The only exception is in relegation games – to these games are tickets in sale individually.


The price of the packet is from 330 to 880 CZK in preliminary rounds, 490 - 1100 CZK in qualifying rounds, 130 - 270 CZK in relegation games, 1600 - 2900 CZK in quaterfinals, 1700 – 3300 CZK in semifinals and 3300 – 6500 CZK in the bronz medal game and in the final.


The foreign fans interested in buying tickets will be allowed to order and book the tickets on the e-mail address:

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