Internet Sale of Tickets was closed

The internet ticket sale for 2004 IIHF World Championship was closed on Sunday, January 11th 2004. Both Czech and foreign Ice Hockey fans have shown enormous interest in the tickets for 2004 IIHF World Championship. From January 11th, 2004 no tickets are sold over the internet also abroad; starting on January 26th, 2004 a call centre and a dedicated e-mail address will be made available for foreign parties for reservation of tickets and registration of orders.

Tickets not sold over the internet, tickets that customers reserved but failed to pay for within the specified term, and tickets originally reserved for the Czech Ice Hockey Union and subsequently released for sale will be sold in stage two, starting on January 26th, 2004. 

SAZKA, a.s., will inform about available tickets by means of teletext on public and private TV stations and, as before, on the web page, where however additional reservations and orders are no longer received. SAZKA, a.s., will also inform sufficiently in advance in the media, through the teletext and on the internet about the actual start of the sale of all remaining tickets, i.e., the hour at which tickets will be sold through individual terminals.

Tickets released from technical block and tickets for seats reserved for the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) will be then sold to the general public in stage three, starting on March 15th, 2004.

As of January 7th, 2004 fans have reserved on the internet all seats for the Czech team matches in the base group in Prague, the matches of the Slovak team in the base group in Ostrava, a part of seats for the qualification groups, the semi-final, the final and the contest for the bronze medal.

"Owing to the enormous interest of the public we expect that the remaining tickets for the matches of the Czech team and for some other attractive matches will be sold via the seven thousand plus terminals operated across the Czech Republic within tens of minutes," said Zdeněk Zikmund, the Sazka spokesman. "For example in Finland, which hosted the last world championship, tickets for matches of the home team were sold within two hours. Fans will be offered the last chance in mid-March, when all remaining tickets will be offered for sale, including those from unused technical reservation and the mandatory block for the International Ice Hockey Federation."

"The most secure way how to secure tickets for all attractive matches including the semi-final and the final is through the seats in the club storey and the skybox storey," added Zdeněk Zikmund. "These seats however require renting a club seat or a skybox seat." These products are sold through the joint-stock company TeliaCall; for detailed information turn to the address

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