Year 1938: Again Among the Best

In 1938, fourteen teams came to compete in the second World Championship to take place in Czechoslovakia. It was the 12th World Championship tournament and counted as well as the 23rd European Championship.


The organizers had made many preparations for the event in Prague. In the autumn of 1937 they had a roof constructed over one area of the Stvanice Stadium and they also added a Press Centre and President’s Box in the arena. The capacity of the stadium too was increased to ten thousand.

The opening ceremony was like an Olympic one. All the teams came onto the ice with their captains carrying their national flags. The championship was opened by flourishes from the opera Libuse, well-known in Czechoslovakia.

Three basic groups were formed. Out of these, the nine top teams could then progress into the next round. And then, from there, four teams would go on to fight each other for the Championship trophy.

Together with Czechoslovakia were Austria, Sweden, and as usual, Canada. The Czechoslovaks beat Austria 1-0, tied Sweden 0-0 (after three over-time periods), and lost with Canada 0-3. Nevertheless, the team managed to progress further in the tournament. The star of the Czechoslovak team was goalie Boza Modry, who was chosen as the number one goalkeeper at his second championship tournament. And it was his name that was the most often quoted in the newspapers.

The second round saw Switzerland, the USA, and Czechoslovakia compete with one another. The Czechoslovak team defeated Switzerland 3-2 and beat the USA 2-0. These wins helped them make it to the final four. Along with the Czechoslovaks were Canada, Great Britain, and Germany. With Great Britain, which had a few Canadians in their ranks, Czechoslovaks lost 0-1, while Germany was defeated 3-0.


It wasn’t necessary to play with Canada because the two teams had met in the first round. After totaling up the points, the Czechoslovaks were in third. The exact same result they had achieved at the very first championship held in Prague in 1933. Canada became the World Champion for the 10th time, with the silver medal going to Great Britain.

Final Standings: 1st place Canada, 2nd Great Britain, 3rd Czechoslovakia.

World Champions - Canada: Coulter, Godfrey, Portland, Allen, McRearey, Heximer, Bruce, Chipman, Russell, Marshall.

Team Czechoslovakia: Modry, Houba, Pusbauer, Pacalt, Michalek, Trojak, Malecek, Kucera, Cetkovsky, Cisar, Hurych, Z.Jirotka, D.Jirotka, Pertl.

Lenka Jiroutova

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