Year 1933: For the First Time in Czechoslovakia

The very first World Championship to be held in Czechoslovakia took place from 18-27 February 1933. It occurred only four short months after the Stvanice Stadium in Prague was completed. It was the 7th World Championship in total, and counted too as the 18th European Championship.


Things were well-organized and a really good championship ensued. Twelve teams came to Prague to compete, including the USA and Canada, which were represented by club teams. Of the major hockey nations of the time, only Sweden didn’t send a team. All of the tournament tickets “simply disappeared“ in little over 48 hours.

The rest of the fans could only wait for the live broadcasts of the Czechoslovak radio service – play-by-play being called by the legendary announcer, Josef Laufer. The Czechoslovak national team, which included 16 players in total, met two weeks before the start of the tournament in the town of Spindleruv Mlyn in the Krkonose Mountains.

The core team was built around 11 players, any others were to be alternates. The welcoming ceremony took place straight on the ice – with all the teams waiting as a victory wreath was dropped from a plane flying over the stadium.

There were three groups – each including four teams. From each group the two best teams advanced. These six teams made up two groups and the winners of these groups fought for the gold medal.

The Czechoslovaks beat the Romanians 8-0, Italy 3-1, and after a tough game Austria 2-1 as well.

In the next round awaited Poland, Switzerland, and the USA. The Czechoslovaks beat the Poles and the Swiss both by scores of 1-0 but lost to the Americans 0-6. Nevertheless, the Czechoslovaks managed to advance in the tournament. Their next rival was Canada.

On Saturday, February 25, the home team lost the game against Canada 0-4 – a loss watched by a sold-out stadium.

Canada made it to the final and the Czechs had to fight for third place with Austria. Josef Malecek, scored twice, and the home team won 2-0.

The champions of the year 1932 were the USA, who beat Canada 2-1 in the final.

Final Standings: 1st place USA, 2nd Canada, 3rd Czechoslovakia.

World Champions - USA: Cosby, Langmaid, Garrison, Holland, Sandorf, Palmer, Inglehart, Hilliard, Forbes, Breckinbridge.

Team Czechoslovakia: Peka, Vorel, Pusbauer, Dorasil, Petrs, Hromadka, Malecek, Tozicka, Cetkovsky, Svihovec, Kucera, Michalek, Mattern.

Lenka Jiroutova

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