René Fasel: You should be proud

IIHF President René Fasel is not affraid of Sazka Arena being ready to host the 2004 Ice-Hockey World Championship. „You should be proud. Sazka Arena will be one of the most beautiful in Europe,“ Fasel said. All the members of IIHF council visited the construction site in Prague – Vysocany.
They checked all the plans of Arena building and surrounding together with the fotodocumentation of all the works there. Fasel with the IIHF members have seen the model of skybox for sponsors, too. And then all of the guests from federation checked everything in reality…

The organisers made the sightseeing tour special by acoustic show. The IIHF members tested the view from the press tribune and listened to the emotional part of TV comentating from the Nagano 1998 Winter Olympic Games where the Czech team won the historical gold medal.

The light show helped everybody to imagine the places where the cabins, places for the teams and for example places for handicaped fans will be. Although the work was on during the sightseeing tour all the members of IIHF delegation checked the construction site in person.

„We are surprised how big change was made in the Arena in last few months. The positive thing is that the most important part of Arena is ready. That´s why I must believe that everything will be ready on the championship,“ Fasel said.

„I am nicely surprised,“ the IIHF general secretary Jan-Ake Edvinsson said. The Swede bet a box of luxury French red wine with the Chairman of Sazka Ales Husak couple of months ago. Edvinsson said the Sazka Arena won´t be ready for the first skating on February 28, 2003. „As I saw I should start to save the money. But it will be a pleasure fot me to pay it,“ Edvinsson said.

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