Power of self-confident Canadians is increasing

Dany Heatley, champion of the key moments, sent the Finnish players back home. The Canadian star has killer´s instinct. „He scores a lot of important goals,“ said his team-mate Eric Brewer.


Last year in Helsinki, he made hattrick in the Quarter Final game against the Czech Republic. Now his second goal sent the Finns home. It was incredible shot. He scored in the sixth minute - the puck passed goalie´s Noronen´s shoulder after the violent shot. Heatley then disappeared under the heap of white jerseys. The Canadians celebrated their advancing to the Semifinal. „Although I was skating against three players, I did not want to pass. You have to give it a try in overtime. Their goalie had big troubles with long distance shots the whole game,“ noticed Heatley.


“He is an amazing player. Although he is so young, he comes up to tension in important moments,” praises Ryan Smyth, the captain. Canada outplayed Finland, Czech Republic and Russia – one of the strongests teams in the tournament. “We forced them to play our style of hockey,” said Heatley after the game. “We played better than in Premilitary Round against the Czech team. But the Finns are also very stronger,” explains Steve Staios.


Staios had been thinking of penalty shotouts during the over time. “I hoped to be first to go,” said after the game. “We watched the game of the Czech Republic against USA and we saw that outstanding end. It was very exciting for the NHL players because we do not know it. But we have prepared for all possibilities,” he said.


Has Canada got a chance to win once again? “This team has inner power,” said goalie Roberto Luongo. He gave a notice that Canada always managed to come back to the game. “It is a pity that we were leading 2:0 and we did not hold it,” was sorry the Finnish forward Olli Jokinen.


The overtime was all under the Canada´s control. It is the same as in the game against Germany last year. “It took a bit longer, I do not know the exact number. We made it more interesting,” smiled Smyth. The scenario of last year´s championship seems to be the same as this year´s. The hosting country was beaten in the Quarter Final, Finland is out, Canada won in the overtime game. It last year´s final Sweden vs. Canada going to repeat? Or will there be the Slovaks or the Americans?


Both Semifinals are going to be played tomorrow - Slovakia vs. Canada play at 16.15 p.m. and the USA vs. Sweden at 20.15

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