Sazka Arena sells tiles

The spectators in the Sazka Arena walk over two types of tiles. The Tiles of Events lie infront of the Arena. Letters and numbers that reveal about the most important events that take place in the Arena are engraved into those tiles.

The letters on the Tiles of Events are directed outward. “The entry notion on tiles was Test of the Ice Rink and that was some time in March,“ says Zdravko Kalfinov from company that takes care of the VIP products in the Sazka Arena. “Championship tiles contain information that it is a hockey game, the names of the two facing teams, game result, number of spectators and the date when the game was played“ continues Kalfinov. “These tiles we officially call Road to the Victory,“ adds Kalfinov.


The actual graving takes couple of hours. The preparation and following approving of the design takes up most of the time. “During the round robin games we didn’t invite the spalder everyday, but after the end of the first part of the Championship we let all the tiles to be graven at the same time. Each game has its’ own tile,” says Kalfinov. The letters and the numbers are graven into the tiles in the Sazka Arena by a woman. “There are modern machines already, it is not like it used to be that the spalders spend half of the day graving,” claims Kalfinov.


The second type of tile is called My message and fans walk over those tiles in the first floor. “These tiles are to be pruchased. One costs five thousand crowns. If someone decides to buy the tile, he can choose what he wants on it, but it has to pass through an ethical committee,” says Kalfinov. The tile should be completely finished within three days since the signing of the contract.


Together with the contract the customer receives a graphical image of how his tile would look like. “To all who are interested in purchasing a tile we recomend to count with approximately thirty letters for a message and fifteen letters for a signature.” advices Kalfinov. In the Sazka Arena is reserved 25 000 tiles for events and messages. “I think that mostly there will the tiles with messages” concludes Kalfinov.

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