Ovechkin Likes Sharks

The eighteen-year- old forward Alexander Ovechkin from the Russian team Dynamo Moscow is regarded by experts as one of the greatest ice-hockey talents of the present time. He should show his gift during his first senior World Championship.


How is it possible that you are so clever with your hands?

I do not know. It can be a result of coincidence, it can be anything. Hands are hands. Just normal  hands.


Did your parents do some sport?

Yes. My Mom played basketball very well. My father started with football and then he worked as a trainer. I have got a brother who also used to do a lot of sports. We are a very sporty family.


Did anybody in your family play ice-hockey? Why did you choose it?

No, nobody. My older brother enrolled me for ice-hockey. But I gave it up after several months because neither my Mom nor my father had any time to take me to the practise. Then my first coach called us. He said, I was really good and I was a talented guy and I could become somebody. He would like to give me another chance so I came back.


You predominated in junior categories. 2004 IIHF World Championship in the Czech republic should be your big test among adults. How do you feel among them?

I feel myself well. Excellent players play together with me in our team who encourage me and help me.

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