Help for fans how to recognize the false tickets

The 2004 IIHF World Championship Organizing Committee would like to apologize for all the problems caused by the fake tickets.


Due to these problems organizers would like to emphasize to all the fans how to recognize at least some of the false tickets.


There is a difference between the tickets and the ticket booking certificate which was issued at the terminals of the joint-stock company Sazka.


All the fans who bought the tickets at the joint-stock company Sazka terminals got at first the printed draft ticket (a terminal booking certificate). Draft tickets were valid just for the next 20 minutes. Customers  who found their draft tickets, returned successfully their certificates to the personnel of the terminal together with the required cash, after which the personnel printed out the proper ticket.


That is why the organizers would like to emphasize all the fans to be careful - there is a difference between the draft ticket (a terminal booking certificate) and the ticket!


The draft ticket has a legend NAVRH VSTUPENKY on the top comparing to the legend VSTUPENKA on the top of the valid tickets.


Therefore the organizers would like to warn all the fans: Do not buy any tickets with the sign NAVRH VSTUPENKY. It is not a valid ticket!

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