The champions cup, which is going to be held in the hands of a captain of the new world champions on May 9th at about 10.30 p.m., was brought from IIHF into the Czech Republic by Zbyněk Kusý (CIHA) on November 18th last year.

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The interest of fans in the 2004 IIHF World Championship in Prague and Ostrava is so big that it complicates the organizers´ life. Surprisingly most of the attractive game tickets from the first and second round were almost sold. So the number of the tickets left is much lower than it was expected to be. At the moment, there are tickets to some games in preliminary rounds, qualifying rounds and in relegation games in sale via SAZKA, a.s., terminals.

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2004 IIHF World Championship Organizing Committee and the Sazka company disavow themselves from all non-official commercial activities connected to ticket sales, exchanges, and other methods of distribution.

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