Draw of the 2004 IIHF World Championship is known

Draw of the 2004 IIHF World Championship in Czech cities Prague and Ostrava is known. Draw was made by the former Finish defender Timo Jutila on Friday, May 9th, 2003 in Helsinki.

The teams weren´t placed into groups for the 2004 IIHF World Championships in the Czech republic according to the previously known key as it was in the past, but the draw was really made. Sixteen teams of 2004 IIHF World Championship in Czech Republic were divided into four quality coups. The first coup - semifinalists of WCH 2003: Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden. The second coup - WCH 2003 quarterfinal loosers: Finland, Germany, Russia, Switzerland. The third coup - teams placed 9. - 12. at WCH 2003: Austria, Denmark, Latvia, Ukraine. The fourth coup: USA, France, Kazakhstan and the winner of Asian qualification (October 2003).

Game schedule find HERE

Group A (Prague): Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia, Kazakhstan.
Saturday April 24th: Latvia - Czech Republic, Germany - Kazakhstan
Monday April 26th: Germany - Latvia, Czech Republic - Kazakhstan
Tuesday April 27th: Kazakhstan - Latvia
Wednesday April 28th: Czech Republic - Germany

Group B (Ostrava): Slovakia, Finland, Ukraine, USA.
Saturday April 24th: Slovakia - Ukraine, Finland - USA
Monday April 26th: Finland - Ukraine, USA - Slovakia
Wednesday April 28th: Ukraine - USA, Slovakia - Finland

Group C (Ostrava): Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Asian team (FEQ).
Saturday April 24th: Denmark - Sweden
Sunday April 25th: Russia - Denmark, Sweden - FEQ
Tuesday April 27th: FEQ - Denmark, Sweden - Russia
Wednesday April 28th: Russia - FEQ

Group D (Prague): Canada, Switzerland, Austria, France.
Saturday April 24th: France - Austria
Sunday April 25th: Switzerland - France, Austria - Canada
Tuesday April 27th: Canada - France, Switzerland - Austria
Wednesday April 28th: Canada - Switzerland 

Qualifying Round E (Prague)
Friday April 30th: 1D - 2A, 1A - 2D
Saturday May 1st: 2A - 3D, 2D - 3A
Sunday May 2nd: 3D - 1A, 1D - 3A
Monday May 3rd: 2A - 2D, 1A - 1D
Tuesday May 4th:  3A - 3D

Qualifying Round F (Ostrava)
Friday April 30th: 1C - 2B, 1B - 2C
Saturday May 1st: 2B - 3C, 2C - 3B
Sunday May 2nd: 3C - 1B, 1C - 3B
Monday May 3rd: 2B - 2C, 1B - 1C
Tuesday May 4th: 3B - 3C

Relegation Games
Friday April 30th:  4A - 4D, 4B - 4C
Saturday May 1st: 4D - 4A, 4C - 4B

Quarterfinals (Prague)
Wednesday May 5th: E1 - F4, E2 - F3
Thursday May 6th: F2 - E3, F1 - E4

Semifinals (Prague)
Saturday May 8th: winner (E1 - F4) - winner (F2 - E3), winner (F1 - E4) - winner (E2 - F3)

Bronz medal game (Prague)
Sunday May 9th: loosers of semifinals

Final (Prague)
Sunday May 9th: winners of semifinals

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