The Ice Hockey Association and Bestsport have agreed to use the SAZKA ARENA for the WC

The Czech Ice Hockey Association and the joint-stock company BESTSPORT have concluded the agreement on use of the multiple-use SAZKA ARENA for the Ice Hockey World Championship 2004.
Both parties confirmed in the memorandum, which was signed today that they have agreed on all business and financial conditions relating to the lease of the arena for games played within the World Championship. An agreement for lease shall be signed within the closest period.

The representatives of the Czech Ice Hockey Association shall introduce the agreement as well as the procedure of preparations for the World Championship to delegates of the congress of the International Ice Hockey Federation, which will take place at Crete from September 18th to September 20th 2003.

“I believe that all groundless speculations that we have experienced within the last weeks thus have finished,” Karel Gut, the chairman of the Czech Ice Hockey Association, mentioned when signing the memorandum and he added: “Negotiations have been assisting and tactful when the conditions that we have agreed upon are beneficial for both parties. I think that a prestige of Czech icehockey will still grow because we shall welcome participants of the Championship in the most modern multiple-use stand of Europe.”

“The arena is being built in record deadlines to enable the Ice Hockey World Championship take place next year,“ added JUDr. Aleš Husák, the chairman of the board of directors of the joint-stock company BESTSPORT. “I hope that a thunderous domestic environment, full stands and excellent background shall be the best motivation for the Czech national team. A success, in which we all believe, will also substantially help to start the multiple-use SAZKA ARENA where we want to organise top international events of sport, culture and other areas in the future. We keep our fingers crossed to have medals as shine bright as possible.“

Games of the basic groups shall take place in the multiple-use SAZKA ARENA from April 24th to April 28th 2004 with the participation of the Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia and Kazakhstan in Group A, Canada, Switzerland, Austria and France in Group D. The Championship shall carry on from April 30th to May 9th 2004 with excluding duels. Also all quarterfinal and semi-final duels shall take place at the SAZKA ARENA as well as the final and the game for the third position.

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