Finns Kurri and Jutila in Ostrava

On the occassion of Euro Hockey Tour in Pardubice, a Finnish Team coach, Jari Kurri, and a Finnish Team Manager, Timo Jutila, visited Ostrava – the place of qualifying rounds of the 2004 IIHF World Championship.

On September 5 and 6, Kurri and Jutila met Petr Handl, Ostrava Organising Committee Secretary, who informed them about preparations being under way in Ostrava these days.

Jari Kurri and Timo Jutila visited Vitkovice Arena, the place of the Ostrava qualifying-round games which has been being reconstructed at present, and were very interested mainly in layouts of newly-reconstructed dressing rooms. The two guests from Finland visited also Practice Rink in Ostrava-Poruba as well as Atom and Imperial hotels where teams should stay during the championship.

"I like both Vitkovice Arena and the Practice Rink in Poruba and I believe that fans in Ostrava will help to create a perfect atmosphere," said Jari Kurri before leaving for Prague. "I look forward to coming to the Czech Republic for the championship and I am glad that conditions in Ostrava will be very good ones," added Timo Jutila.

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